Web Projects

A list of the websites I have created thus far:

Purple Dime Design

My first dive into web design and web programming.

Tools used: HTML, CSS, Paint.net, WordPress

About the site: Purple Dime Design specializes in unique and fun personalized homemade gifts you’ll treasure for years to come. Each item is designed to be useful, and we hope it becomes a cherished keepsake. All products are elegantly gift-wrapped and can be shipped anywhere in the US. Payments are made through PayPal™.

Features the Lightword WordPress theme with the following plugins: eShop for WordPress, FancyBox for WordPress, Slideshow Gallery Pro… to name a few.

Started in December, 2010.


Speed Typing Online

Second site, first non-Wordpress site.

Tools used: Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Paint.net, XML

About the site: SpeedTypingOnline was designed to take the work out of learning to type faster. Contains a free online typing app to test typing speed. Choose one of two modes to test your typing speed.

Features a Javascript-based (with some JQuery) typing application that scrolls text as the user types, updating text colors based on the users entry while a timer counts down.

Started in June, 2011.