Fix: Windows 7 Not Genuine

Posted by on Mar 16, 2013 in Computers, For Windows™ OS, Tips and Tricks

For $900 I got a refurbished ultrabook, the Asus UX32VD-DB71, on ebay about 9 months ago.

Since these were going for about $1300-1400 at the time, it was an incredible deal that I couldn’t pass up but knew I would constantly worry about getting scammed.

The laptop came in flawless condition.

After using it for a while with no problems, I went ahead and did the necessary upgrades:

  1. installed a stick of 8 GB Mushkin RAM bringing the total memory to 10 GB
  2. Did a clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium on a Samsung 830 128 GB SSD and replaced the 500 GB disk drive
The new install of Windows 7 worked perfectly for over 4 months until yesterday I turned on my laptop and got a notice from Windows Security Essentials that my version of Windows was not genuine.

The Fix that worked for me

It turned out that for some reasons, maybe because I reinstalled my Windows on a new hard drive, my Windows 7 Home Premium license was a trial version. Somehow it worked fine for 9 months until now.

After trying a few suggestions online, I was finally able to fix the problem quickly and easily.

Using the steps in this tutorial: How to Make Windows 7 Genuine for Free, Windows Security Essentials was back up and my Windows 7 appeared good to go.

Hopefully if you find yourself in a similar situation this helps you as well.

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