Running a Program in Windowed Mode (Windows 7)

Posted by on Apr 3, 2013 in Computers, For Windows™ OS, Tips and Tricks

I’m currently using SplashTop 2 as a way to access my HTPC (Home Theater PC) remotely from not only any other computer or laptop but also from any smartphone or tablet!

It works great as long as both the server and client computers are using the same WIFI connection. The only catch is that it chokes on any programs running full-screen.

The solution is simply to only run programs in windowed mode. There are two ways to do this in Windows 7:

  1. Add “-window” at the end of the Target field in the properties menu of the program shortcut.

    Shortcut Properties

  3. Upon launch simply type “Alt+Enter”

Depending on the program either of these methods might or might not work. For Windows Media Center the first method did not work but “Alt+Enter” did.

For more advanced methods check this out.

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