Tips and Tricks in Microsoft Excel

Excel is a wonderfully powerful and capable spreadsheet tool capable of performing calculations, analyzing data and integrating information from different programs. While the multitude of features makes it powerful, progress can slow down or even stop when trying to figure out how to do something you have never done before.

Here is a list of useful tips and tricks I have found in my experiences with Microsoft Excel:

End Mode

Your productivity can slow drastically when trying to move large rows or columns of data. Go to the end or beginning of a row or column quickly with this shortcut. Press the ‘end’ key and see the “End Mode” notification displayed on the left of the status bar at the bottom. Press one of the arrow keys and the cursor will instantly fly to that end of the column or row. So if you’re at the top of a long column of data, simply press end and the down arrow to instantly go to the last cell of data in that column. To go back to the top simply press end and the up arrow. To select the entire column from the current cursor location to the end, hold down shift while pressing end and the down arrow key.

Indirection or Pre-processing Code Called by Reference

Have you ever needed to execute or resolve some part of a function before that function was ran? For instance, what if you wanted to multiply a row of data that was designated by the range identified in another cell. Well this powerful programming ability is available in excel using the INDIRECT() function. Using the previous example, lets say you wanted to multiply the row of data designated in “A1″ by 6. Entering “=INDIRECT(A1)*6″ into B1 will first take the contents of A1 and resolve them, then multiply them by 6. So if A1 contained “A2″ and A2 contained 5, then B1 would contain 30 after execution. Very useful tool to use in some circumstances.