Idol Insanity – American Idol Bracket Pool Contest

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See bottom of this page for a free “Idol Insanity” game bracket printout to help you keep score.

Idol Insanity?

March Madness is to the NCAA (college basketball) as Idol Insanity is to American Idol. This American Idol contest pool is guessing the order of the American Idol Top Twelve.

Contest Rules

The competition starts after the top twenty-four are reduced to the top thirteen. Anyone participating in the pool then chooses what order they think the American Idol contestants will place in, all the way up to the winner. Everyone gets one last chance to see all thirteen contestants during the performance show and tweak their list, but their list must be finalized before the start of the elimination show on the following day. (If anyone wants to join after this point you could always let them join with some agreeable penalty).

How Scoring Works

With the top 13 there are 12 weeks of elimination where one contestant is eliminated every week. (Sometimes the judges save someone one round, but then two contestants are eliminated the following week). After each elimination round, a certain number of points is awarded for each contestant you have still in the running. The number of points is based on what week/round it is, starting at 1 and incrementing by 1 each week so that correct choices later in the competition are awarded more points.

Mathematically, the point value for each round would be = 13 – number of contestants left.

There is also a bonus score each round if you correctly guess who goes home for that week as well as a bonus on the last round if you pick the winner of American Idol. The bonus is equal to the point value of that round.

Score for each round = (Correct Contestants Left) x (Round Value) + Bonus

In the case of a tie, the winner is whoever correctly chose the higher placing contestant.

For Example

Say for week 8 you correctly chose 3 of the 5 remaining contestants and correctly chose who would be eliminated for that week. Your score for that round would be 3 x 8 + 8 = 32. Note that you would have gotten the same score had you correctly chose 4 of the contestants and not who was eliminated.

Here is a breakdown of the scoring by week:

Week # Contestant Left Round Value Total Points Possible
0 13 - -
1 12 1 13
2 11 2 24
3 10 3 33
4 9 4 40
5 8 5 45
6 7 6 48
7 6 7 49
8 5 8 48
9 4 9 45
10 3 10 40
11 2 11 33
12 1 12 36
Perfect Score: 454

The final round is worth 36 points because if you guess the 1st and 2nd place correctly, you get 12 points for the winner remaining, 12 points for guessing who went home that round, and 12 points for guessing the winner of American Idol.

Download or print a free American Idol Insanity Game Bracket as a PDF or image: American Idol Insanity Game Bracket

Comment with your top 12 Idol picks for this season below!

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